TN Furs Minecraft Server Rules

Server Membership

This server will be open to the public, though the TN Furs community will still remain to be the target audience for content and update considerations.

Server Address:

General Rules

  1. Treat the chat content level as PG-13. This means no excessive cursing or adult topics.
  2. Any Mods/Resource Packs that would provide you with an unfair advantage over other players are strictly prohibited. See below for a generalized list of acceptable/banned mods.
  3. Encroaching or Disrupting Administrative Builds (i.e. Spawn Area, Cities, Towns, and other locations referenced by lore) will not be tolerated. Please keep a 5 chunk buffer (Use F3+G to view chunks) from such builds to avoid administrative actions.
  4. Do not intentionally disrupt other player builds or destroy things just for the sake of destruction. We would like to have a nice landscape throughout the server, being why Mob Damage has been disabled.
  5. Filling the chat with constant, annoying, and repetitive messages will not be tolerated.
  6. Advertising for websites, other servers, and the like is not allowed.
  7. Do not discuss politics, this is a community with a goal to bring people together, not divide.
  8. Do not ask to become a Moderator. We will reach out to you if we feel that you will be a good fit.
  9. Be respectful of everyone on the server. If you have an external issue with another member, it is to stay external.
  10. Be considerate with your builds and how they look, we may silently judge you at our discretion.
  11. Everything is logged on the server, we’re not responsible for lost items, nor will we replace them.
  12. This is a Survival Server. if you die, you will lose your items. You are able to go back to the spot where your death occurred to recover your items before you de-spawn, but if you’re unable to make it back, we are not responsible to assist you in recovery of your items.
  13. Do not argue with staff. If you have an issue with a staff member, please reach out to either DarlCat or WurdNerd.

Allowed Client Mods

This list is not all–inclusive, but provides a general baseline for rule 2.

  • Client Side Mini-Maps and Waypoints
  • Health Indicators
  • Resource Packs that do not reveal item locations not within your direct line of sight
  • Inventory Organization Mods

Disallowed Client Mods

This list is not all–inclusive, but provides a general baseline for rule 2.

  • X-Ray Mods/Resource Packs
  • PVP Mods
  • Movement Mods
  • Hacked” Clients that provide tools to circumvent normal gameplay mechanics


While PVP is allowed, and property protection is the responsibility of the owner, don’t be a jerk. Don’t give yourself an unfair advantage with mods, and try to be nice to people.
Disclaimer: This TL;DR is by no means a binding version of our rules, only a limited summary. Above rules apply in full.


Please be aware that these rules may change with minimal forward notice. If a significant change that is likely to adversely impact some players is made, an announcement will be made on Discord. You may run /rules in-game to get a link to this post at any time.