TN Furs Minecraft Server Guide and Command Reference

Server Membership

Please see the TN Furs Minecraft Server Rules post for details on connecting to the Minecraft Server.

Server Basics

In addition to the commands detailed below this section, the following features are available to members of the server:

  • LockettePro - Lock doors and chests with a sign to prevent entry or snooping
  • UltimateTimber - This plugin allows you to cut down trees, consuming use on your tool as normal for each wood block, but entirely knocks down the tree. To avoid using this to cut down an entire tree, hold CTRL while hitting the tree.

Custom Texture Pack

You may download our custom Resource Pack Here, based off of Vanilla Tweaks

Member Tags

To carry over your localization tag from the discord server, simply run !minecreaft <username> in the Discord server (any channel) and we will automatically assign your tag from the Discord server to your Minecraft user.

Basic Commands

Items with surrounding brackets (i.e. < > or [ ]) are meant to be placeholders for user to define

  • /rules - Provides a link to TN Furs Minecraft Server Rules
  • /motd - Shows the servers Message of the Day
  • /tps - Lists the servers Ticks per Second
  • /spawn - Sends you back to the server spawn point
  • /afk - Marks you as AFK on the server
  • /sethome <nameofhome> - Sets a home with the name specified
  • /home <nameofhome> - Teleports you to a home with the name specified
  • /delhome <nameofhome> - Deletes the home with the name specified
  • /list - Lists currently online users
  • /me - Allows you to emote things in chat
  • /ping - Pong!
  • /back - Returns you to your most previous teleport point or death location
  • /tpa <username> - Requests a teleport to a players location
  • /tpahere <username> - Sends a request for a player to teleport to your location
  • /tpaccept or /tpdeny - Accepts or Denies a teleport request
  • /warp <location> - Warps you to a preset Warp


  • /lock <line number> <player> - Edit a sign on the line specified to add/remove a player
  • You may add a line containing [timer:<numberofseconds>] to have a door close automatically after the number of seconds specified
  • You may add a line containing [everyone] to allow everyone to use the door/chest


You get 3 different home locations by default on our server.

  • /sethome <name> - Creates a new home location with the defined name, by default if you don’t define a name, the homes name will be home
  • /home <name> - Teleports you to the home specified
  • /delhome <name> - Removes the specified home from your homes list


The Economy uses Candies as currency. These items cannot be made in world, and provide you the ability to physically store/transfer currency on the server.


When you first join the Minecraft server, you will be able to claim $150 Candies from the Starter Kit

  • /baltop - Shows the current economy Leaderboard
  • /balance - Lists your in-world and item based currency balance
  • /pay <username> <amount> - Pays another user
  • /withdraw <amount|all> - Takes money from your bank balance and gives you physical currency.
  • /deposit <amount|all> - Deposits physical currency back into the bank

Shops and Kits

There is an admin shop available, along with kits provided by the server to help you get started. There are also kits available that are more expensive, but provide more use for certain tasks.

  • /shop - Opens the admin shop interface for you to browse available products. You may buy and sell through the admin shop.
  • /sellall - Sells all items in your inventory that match the item you are currently holding in your primary hand
  • /sellinv - Sells all items in your inventory that are able to be sold, this can include your armor slots as well so please be careful
  • /sell - Sells what is currently in your primary hand
  • /kits - Opens the Kits interface for you to browse available kits on the server. Some may be provided free of cost but there are cool-downs associated with how often you may claim them.

Land Claiming

You may claim up to 25 chunks of land in total. For the best results and accuracy, press F3+G together to toggle grid view in Minecraft and see which chunks you are claiming. There is a cost of materials to maintain your claim.

To Setup your claim initially, please follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Find the first Chunk you would like to claim
  2. Run the command /c claim while standing on the desired chunk
  3. Setup your chest within your claim for the Power Cell (you may also run /c recipe) javaw_Hb27jQ4Ln3
  4. Exit the chest’s inventory, and the chest will convert to a Power Cell

Land Claim Maintenance Cost

Fuel your claim with the resources that you collect, and always be sure that your land will be safe.

  • Block of Coal = 1 hour
  • Iron Ingot = 6 hours
  • Gold Ingot = 8 hours
  • Diamond = 12 hours
  • Emerald = 16 hours
  • Iron Block = 54 hours or 2.25 days
  • Gold Block = 72 hours or 3 days
  • Diamond Block = 108 hours or 4.5 days
  • Emerald Block = 144 hours or 6 days
  • Nether Star = 168 hours or 7 days or 1 week

Land Claim Management

  • /c accept - Accept the latest claim invitation
  • /c claim - Claim the land that you are currently standing in
  • /c unclaim - Unclaim the land that you are currently standing in
  • /c ban <name> - Ban a player from your claim
  • /c unban <name> - Unban a player from your claim
  • /c dissolve - Dissolve your claim
  • /c sethome - Set the home of your claim
  • /c home <claim> - Go to a claim’s home
  • /c invite <name> - Invite a player to join your claim
  • /c kick <name> - Kick a player from your claim
  • /c leave <claim> - Leave a claim that you are a member of
  • /c lock - Lock or unlock your claim.
  • /c recipe - View the recipe for a Power Cell
  • /c setspawn - Set a spawn point for various uses, such as ejecting and banning players
  • /c name - Set the display name for your claim
  • /c show - Visualize claims around you.

A Final Note

This page will be updated as new abilities are available on the server, please check back frequently for new documentation.