Oofer doofer hello there


Hi I am sugar, I own this weird anthro pink cat that eats ramen noodles out of my car but I still love her, I am a Tennesse fur from Knoxville I guess uuuhhhh I like fruit snacks and walmart and I love my hamster and retarded cat is this how I introduce myself idk but eeehhh I own a wip fursuit, my main social media is google plus and yes it is sad wow i do not know how to talk


Welcome to the site. Most of our conversations go down on our Discord.


Hiya! I’m Tea, welcome :3!!


oh okay cooleo hhhhhhhh


If you haven’t gotten a link to it yet, here it is - https://discord.gg/kfS5nW


oh no i didnt check up here in a hot minute, guess the link expired ;w;


Np, here is another link. https://discord.gg/G6xWpyF


oh i cant enter, i dont have a phone number
sad but thank you anyway


Me too. How do I join the discord? I’m a member of MD Furs too. Just moved to Nashville.