Nashville Furry Meetup!

Hello everyfur! My name is Caden and I live in the Nashville Brentwood! Close to my house is the Brentwood Library and I was looking around and saw they are having a teen anime club meetup! I thought it would be nice of some furries came to join me to have a good time! The next meetup for the anime club is August 1st 4pm-5pm. Hope to see some of you guys!!

Look up brentwood library to find the address!

I’ll try to make some last minute plans to attend!

I get off work at 4-4:30, so I might be late to the party if I go, but I’ll try!

The name’s Ethan by the way :slight_smile:

Edit: Mmmmm. These people might be a bit too young for me. It’s a Teen club. I might have to pass

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That’s alright! Maybe I’ll make an event another day

Hey there, are there any meets coming up soon in October??