Looking to start a Furbowl in Nashville, Davidson County!

Hey! I’ve noticed that there’s such a low number of furry group-ups in Nashville. So I thought why not start one myself!

If any of you are interested in grouping up weekly or bi-weekly on the weekends to go to a furbowl at 5315 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211, let me know! (18+ preferred)

Either leave a message here or shoot me a message on my telegram @Phauxelate. If enough people are looking forward to doing something like this, I’ll add everyone to a group chat and we can discuss times and plans together.

Stay fluffy my friendly furries!

Yes I would love to set up a furry bowl in Nashville. Count me in.

When would it be?
Im a newish fur, and i want to start being more social.