Lookin for Fur Meets in Tennessee?

 To other Furry’s, 

Hey everybody, found TNFurs.net and hope to meet some of you in the near future. I’ve lived in Middle Tn my entire life. I am a college student and wanting to know when the next meet will be if anyone has some insight on it. I love anything old school and really want to bring a new style to the furry community. More or less, I just want to talk furry stuff with someone else who is a furry. I’m kind of sick of watching YouTube videos of other suitors and want to be involved in The community. There is more about me than what I have said in the above sentences. Someone hook all of us up with a meet and I can tell you more about me. Thank you for your time and consideration for viewing my post.

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Sry it has taken me so long to respond. Most of our activity happens on our Discord server. Come over and join us.

It won’t let me view any of your comments on discord. Any ideas why?

If you look over the FAQ in the Welcome channel it will explain how to get full access to the rest of the server.