Just a furry chat-ish room... or something


Just a friendly chat room for the Tennessee Furrys.


Look, I know we are few, and the public tends to look at us as weird, and that we don’t have a real meeting place except here, but I think we can work with this. Who’s with me?


that could be fun to do. May have to drag the wolf with me


Are you asking for a furry chat room to be created? If so, we already have one! https://discord.gg/bUbMeHu Come join us and chat your furry heart away!


I can tell I will like this community already.


What about Telegram? :stuck_out_tongue:


Discord :heavy_check_mark:


I’ve never used it and don’t know anyone who does, but it does seem to keep being brought up.


All you need to sign up is an email and a confirmation. You should join.


You’ll have to ask @Darl about that


I created an account and installed it on my phone, but then I couldn’t figure out what to do from there. It seems like Discord where you have to know specific people or groups to be able to talk to anyone using it. Not a great first impression…


There are other Tennessee furry groups on Telegram, but this is the only one that this forum is associated with. https://t.me/tnfurs_official


We really need to get this place out there. I might chat about is on the Discord.


I would really like more stuff to do with the furry community where I live!