Howdy Guys!

Hello, a fellow TN fur here! I’m new to the furry fandom, less than a year, actually. I’ve always been into anthros and things like that, I just never looked into the fandom before now. I don’t have any friends right now that are furry, so it’s been kind of lonely and I’m hoping to get a tumblr and twitter set up to start meeting people.

Contrary to my name, I don’t have a legit fursona as of yet. I’ve always been “dragon” though; I was GhostDragon02 before this. I’ve always had a dragon character that was meant to be myself, but I never saw it as a fursona, so I guess I sort of had one before I realized what it was. However, I’m still trying to decide what fursona species is best for me.

Can someone tell me how to navigate the Discord channel? I joined it and did the phone thing, but I still just see one text channel and two voice chat channels. I don’t get the whole Chat Commands thing.


I don’t know any furs or have a fursona either. I go to school in Adamsville, if you live near there.