Hey There!

Hey! My names Hannah but my 'sona is Teazan the wolverine. I’m a teen fur who’s been a fur for quite a while, but hasn’t been able to meet many other furries other than my close friends. I have a fursuit (made by me) and I am also a digital artist. I look forward to talking/ meeting with any of ya’ll!
We definitely need more fur meets in TN, seeing as I never even hear about other furries. Me and my furry friends like to suit downtown Franklin and stuyff, so if you are nearby, keep an eye out! We just got back from anthrocon 2018.
I love to talk and write and obssess over things, and I’m really sweet (or I try to be) so, start up a convo with me!
thanks, Tea~

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Hey. Do you have a Telegram account? This might be useful and I can tell you more about the furry community in Tennessee in messages.

There’s a lot of us, of course. :3

~ Zima Crystal, Snow Leopard

I do not, sadly. Thanks for asking though!

It’s quite easy to set up. You know what Telegram is, right?

Hey welcome, we also have a Discord server that you might enjoy.

Thanks! I might check it out, we’ll see.

Hi. I’m actually not "fur’ from you. Lol I live outside the Murfreesboro area near Shelbyville. I’m new to this and didn’t know there are other furrys in the area. Hope we can chat sometime.

Ooh, not far at all! Im working on planning a furmeet in winter (so people with suits wont suffer lol)