Hey! I'm Sykora :D

HELLO I’ve been sneaking around the site for a little bit and finally decided to join!! It’s nice to meet you all. I’m new…ish? To the area? I moved here (to Middle TN) from CA three years ago, so not that new! I’ll probably be attending Anthro Southeast as my first con in 2019, so if you plan on going…hit me up! I’ve never been to a furry convention before so it’s a little intimidating and having more experienced con-goers would be nice!

My fursona is a possum because I’m a quiet little thing who just wants to sleep a lot and eat trash. Hair is always a bit messy. Likes to play dead. Stinky.

Show me yours! It’s nice to see furries scurrying around in Tennessee just as much as CA!

( I’m Sykora#4576 on Discord!!)

Sry it has taken a bit to respond, for some reason I didn’t get an email about a new post. I added you to my friends list so we can talk about your issues with discord.