Hello other furs!

Admittedly, I’m a little nervous but I thought what the hey, it’d be nice to meet other furries in my state! <3

So hi, my name is Delana but I go by Mint or Mint Chip.
My sona is a reddish-brown spitz-fox hybrid with aqua hair and accents. <3
I live in the small town of Jamestown, about an hour from Crossville and an hour and a half from Cookeville roughly. I’m sort of a homebody and a little anxious (and somewhat antisocial at first) but I love to chat and get to know people.

I’m a big fan of anime (MHA, Inuyasha, FMA:B, Clannad, etc), video games (animal crossing, Skyrim, & Minecraft to name a few) and art. I also like to roleplay, mostly storyline driven and pg-13 or less stuff. I own a few cats and a couple of dogs (a 7yr old Sheltie & a 12wk old Husky). <3

Ah if you want to want to talk, feel free to hmu on discord! <3

Hello, Mint! Nice to meet you. I also like video games and art. :slight_smile:

Hey, most of what we do is on Discord. You should come visit.