Goodness, it’s been a while o-o

It’s been nearly too long since I last been on these forums, wanted to swing by to check and see how everyone’s doing! Hope you all are staying safe and clean during the outbreak, don’t want to see you guys having troubles with quarantine and whatnot. :o

Anyway, I hope to make my presence on here a bit more known. I’m way more active on the discord though, so that would be the best way to get a hold of me if one ever needed to, but I’m trying to step my foot into all the TNFur media to give everyone my lovins!

Much love,

P.S. if anyone is wondering who I am and where I am, I’m Bit and I currently live in the upper part of Central, in a lil town called Greenbrier. Used to be Ridgetop, but that was before some life-changing event occurred for me when I won’t get into lest someone asks. Anyway, I’m always down for others to get to know me and what I like to do, as well as me making new friends, so don’t be shy; say hi!