East Tennessee Meetup

Ok, so us East TN furs haven’t had an easy time getting a furmeet together, hopefully this will help. We need a central place to meet up, perhaps the Knoxville mall? (East or West, I forget, but the one near McKay’s seems to be the better.) Also, what day? Does Saturdays work for people? How about bi-weekly?


I’d prefer sometime on the weekend. Also maybe somewhere far away from downtown since that place is HELL to drive in. Other than that I’m not that picky.

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I would come, but my dad wouldn’t allow it. He doesn’t like to leave me alone with other adults. If he stayed, that would just plain awkward.

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I don’t exactly know Knoxville as my travels there have been far and few between mainly for dentist visits or rare trips to the mall and McKay’s. Got any suggestions?

I mean, if we hung out in the food court at the mall you could still hang out with us while we chatted it up and he could sit on the other side away but still within sight. Doesn’t fix the creepy, but just suggesting an idea to help.

True. But if you met my dad, he isn’t exactly… Well… A warm person to say. He literally said to my face he hates the general public and he is one of those overprotective parents he rarely leaves me alone at another friend’s house. To sum it up, he’s kinda antisocial, and is forcing that on me.

First things first though, I need to tell him I’m into this kinda thing.


Hey I live literally .5 miles away from west town mall in Knoxville. If we still plan to meet for like a chat I’ll be interested.

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I would be interested in a bi weekly meet up! I live in johnson city.


hey there I live near east town mall I can drive to you most likely if you want to hang out

I’m going to be moving to Knoxville in August for college, so maybe I’d be able to do some stuff with u guys at some point if you’ll have me c: I’d loveeee to be able to make some fur friends while I’m up there ^w^

I would like to inform you guys who are not on the discord server about a potential meet up in the sunsphere. The details are being worked out right now but I would like to know if anyone would be interested this summer to meet in the sunsphere?

That sounds amazing,

I have a friend who has his learners permit and will get his license about this time next year so it might be possible for me to hang out with you guys.

As someone who set up meets for years heres some pointers.

  1. You cant satisfy everyone, you have to see what the majority is able to do.
  2. monthly meets are best, try to set them to not be the same as other meets across the state so many can attend, like central tn furs.
  3. Monthly meet should always be something free people can do, if you want to do a meet like movies or arcade etc, then set it as a different meet. Not everyone will attend but you will get a general idea on who can afford meets that need money to better meet their needs in the future.
  4. meeting at the same place all the time is boring after a while, but constantly changing your meeting spot will make people confused. SO pick a good place thats always changing, or that many wont get bored of.

What is the discord link