Centennial Park or Love Circle Park?


Hey everyone, wanting to help build up the fury community here. Aries and I will be grilling (or providing pizza), sharing art, and having a good time. The date will be August 4th at 11am-12pm.
Come join us and share your fursona!


I’m out near Memphis but I wish you luck with your meet.


Sounds Awesome, count me in


Do you have any clue on how many people will be there?


ill try to make my way up there


I’ll definitely go if it’s still happening!


So far, 4 people total are attending. Still happening. Although we didn’t get a vote as to where we will meet. Centennial or love circle park. They are in close proximity from one another. We will be having pizza.

Please message me for contact info.


I replied to another thread about this, but I had a work shift added on Saturday and cannot attend now. I hope everyone has a good time, and I am so down to join the next meet up whenever it happens :smiley:


What type of pizza, I’ll show up either way, but I’d still like to know what type.


I was going to keep it simple and just get pepperoni


Love circle is the spot. My number is 2533559445 and my name is David.


My number is 2533559445


Well shit, my driver just now decided to tell me hes busy today


Imp, are you still going to make it?


Yes I am, parking is weird


So my car broke down in the little Caesar parking lot. We’re going to be late


Is anyone here yet???


It’s just you, myself, and grey.


That is a ok :3, I’m up at the top


Ok, we’re pulling up in about 6 min.