Looking for Franklin Furries

I am right by Bellevue! SWEET!
I’m sure I can plan a meetup for us and a few others once I get more replies :smile:
so, tell me about yourself? (and everyone who reads this for that matter)
also, if you have any suggestions for good places to meet up, I would like to hear them-

That’s awesome! And yeah of course - my name’s Dane, I’m 23, just came back home from college in Charleston, SC. I have been meaning to look up local furs for sometime, since I have lovely friends here–but they don’t know about my interests haha. I also have a suit, but I would never go out suiting without others/ I’d prefer just to suit at a meetup so as to not scare the locals.

Hah, I relate! I only suit at events and even then, with my other suiting buddies.

I’m Hannah, but most people call me Tea/ Teazan (or moss, ace, etc. i get my character names more than my own lol). I’m a sophomore at a local school aaaand am a digital artist/ fursuit maker. I have been in the fandom probs like… 6 years? I don’t know, I was a furry before I knew what a furry was heh.
Anyways, I’m trying to find more furs and bring up more opportunities for meet-ups and trash :sunny:

Nice to meet you! I totally relate with “I was a furry before I knew what a furry was” lol.
Well I definitely hope we can get some meetups happening especially with this beautiful weather lately! I’ll keep an eye out for anything that comes up :smiley:

It’d be nice to do it in winter, my suit is full digigrade and hot as heck hah

Oh true, if we suit then I totally agree. I was thinking without suit in mind (also my suit is full digi too! We’ll have to get pics :3

Sounds exciting!!! im repairing my suit right now cause she got pretty wrecked at anthrocon. Sadly, i was gonna go to the bluegrass festival and greet some kids but i didnt finish repairing her in time :,c

Hey again UFO, my friend and I are right down the road from Bellevue in West Meade. We’re having a meet up this Saturday between 11 and 12. She is 14 (gfs daughter) and I’m 29. She’s also trying to get into and help create a community that she enjoys and is comfortable in. We’d love for y’all to join us!

that’s awesome you all are getting a meet up organized this weekend! I’m working all day so I won’t be able to come but have so much fun!!

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i dont think i will be able to either, but maybe some other time!

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Hi. I’m close to Franklin. I live outside of Shelbyville.

Heya, so, I found this site randomly after a friend sent me it.
I’m in Franklin, saw this thread, and yea, so here I am.

Is anyone still looking to meet up at some point soon?

Hello! I am also close to Franklin! and about an hour from Bellevue. I’m pretty new to the fandom and don’t have a suit yet, but I want to meet some people near me ^-^

I’m pretty far away tbh

I am about 25 minutes from Franklin.

I live in Nashville Brentwood! I’m not sure if that’s close enough?

Hi, I’m a mom of a furry:). If you’ve been to the con in Chattanooga, you may remember one of the littlest furries named Galaxy or Priscilla. I was hoping to find some furries close by for her. She just turned 9, but she loves the people she’s met through the cons and would love to find some locally. Is there a regularly scheduled meetup near Franklin?

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Hi I’m delta the manokit and I live in Columbia Tennessee and I don’t have a suit yet but I will in ten months

Hello there, I just made an account and am just now really discovering the furry fandom, hope getting your suit works out! I’m from Columbia TN as well :slight_smile:

hi its ceili, we used to go to the same school! im glad that i know another furry in franklin. (´꒳`)its very hard to find people near me :joy_cat: