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June 01, 2015, 06:27:20 AM by Corgi
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TNFurs News
I've been working on getting a better replacement for TN Furs up.  The forum has slowed in activity and generally in 2015 most people don't like to browse through forums.

I invite you to check out the beta of what may replace TN Furs:  https://tnfurs.net/app  You will need to create a new account since the website is totally separate.

Here are the benefits over the current website:
  • Live activity feed of what members are doing.
  • Ability to "friend" users and filter recent updates by friends
  • Ability to create a group, public or private, and filter updates by group
  • Can favorite other's updates (for example, you can Favorite someone posting a nice picture
  • Ability to set events that are recurring
  • Newer software for better security
  • Member location search
  • Privacy settings on status updates
  • Still has forums for general discussion, suggestions, etc - stuff that makes sense in a forum format
  • Real-time notifications, and emails for important notifications (you can adjust this)

Some things I am currently working on:
  • Forum is pretty bare-bones - not a lot of fancy editing buttons like here.
  • Smilies are default smilies.  Need to move the fox ones over.
  • Mobile layout looks a little wonky, but better than the current forum.
  • Other glitches may arise, please let me know if you encounter any.
April 02, 2015, 01:35:51 AM by Corgi
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Furry Conventions
Pre-reg is now OPEN for Fangcon 2015, which will be held October 29th - November 2nd!
The theme this year is Never, Nevfur Land.

Click Here for Registration!

Click Here for Hotel Information!

We are still in Knoxville, TN this year but have moved to a bigger hotel!
Fangcon 2015 will be held at the Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown.

If you have any issues during registration, please email fangconreg[at]gmail.com
November 13, 2014, 03:58:07 AM by Corgi
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Furry Conventions
Fangcon drew a record 302 attendees for 2014!  Also over $3600 was raised for charity and 93 fursuiters participated in the parade.  Fangcon staff is already working on planning an even bigger 2015.  Fangcon is the only furry convention located in the state of Tennessee and is held annually in Knoxville, TN.  http://fangcon.org/
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